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As bees gather honey,

we collect what is sweetest

out of all things 

and build.



LoveSpun Wilderness is a sharing space, a resource for families, educators, artists, curious cooks - for anyone yearning for a simpler time,

an ongoing love letter to all things homespun, wild, and free.


It is also the partner to my shop, Of Bee and Bear .


I write from 8,000ft, in our family's home, nestled within the narrow, steep, dirt roads of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Remote is one word for it. Wild and astoundingly beautiful are others too . There are bluebirds the size of crows, and the most audible sound is usually a woodpecker out back or a scurry of squirrels bickering by the hammock.


I am an educator, a mom, a partner, a mindful practitioner, an artist, a nature lover, and a playful cook. I found LoveSpun Wilderness as a home to connect and share a bit of our every day life, the magnificent mess and magic of it all.


I created Of Bee and Bear to create and share learning resources. I believe life's magic is in our learning, our connections, our moments of awe and wonder. I hope to always learn with a childhood excitement, not just as a teacher and parent, as a human too. I want all of our items to be affordable and accessible for families. The cost pays for my resources, watercolor paint, paper, and a bit of time, yet if the cost of any item is ever an issues, please email me at and let me know. You won't be the first. I also believe we are all in this together, and hope to co-create a community with you that values just that.

Welcome to our stories. May they offer inspiration, a new recipe or activity to try as a family, may they encourage you too to go off and live and love into your own love spun wilderness. 

Many Smiles and So Much Love, 

Vicky Moore

contact information here

"to loving and living imperfectly, with great delight ......."

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