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Book Companions for Tracking in the Snow

Over and Under the Snow

By Kate Messner

This endearing picture book explores the subnivean zone revealing the tunnels and caves formed beneath the snow but over the ground, where countless animals seek refuge throughout the winter. Hidden beneath the snow, they are safe and warm, awake and busy; under the snow lies a secret world of squirrels and snow hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many other animals making their winter home under the snow. (ages 4-7)

Who Was Here?: Discovering Wild Animal Tracks

by Mia Posada

This picture book offers clues and pictures for young nature detectives to study and figure out which animal left each set of tracks. Accompanying each track mystery you’ll find facts about each animal. Here young children get to see a variety of trails that animal leave behind in mud, snow, and sand. (ages 4-7)

Big Tracks, Little Tracks

By Millicent Selsam

Marlene Donnelly's lovely illustrations and Millicent Selsam's gentle text make this a perfect first book for children interested in animals and nature. It also includes a new Find Out More page with lots of hands-on activities. And, this is a Level One Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science title, which means the book explores more challenging concepts for children in the primary grades and supports the Common Core Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) standards. I love and highly recommend their book titles. (ages 4-7)

Life-Sized Animal Tracks

By John Townsend

I love that this colorful guide features scale images for over 40 different types of animal tracks. This book also provides maps of where each animal is found along with full-size images and scale comparisons to an average human track. By encouraging young readers to look for animal tracks, this book helps them find animal clues in local habitats. (ages 6-9)

Whose Tracks Are These? A Clue Book of Familiar Forest Animals

By Jim Nail

A fresh, serendipitous look at a woodland community for young trackers. This title is an excellent resource for stimulating a child’s first impression of hiking through the forest looking for animal clues. Beautiful illustrations are found throughout the book. (ages 5 to 7)

Whose track is that?

By Stan Tekiela

Although I adore illustrated children's books, there is something so very helpful and real about actual photographs. And, this interactive and entertaining shares wonderful photographs by Stan Tekiela, a professional naturalist and award-winning author. This features a variety of North American critters. (ages 4-7)

Take-Along Guide to Tracks, Scats and Signs

By Leslie Dendy

The popular Take-Along Guide series introduces children to “reading” who lives in a given environment by looking for clues. This entertaining yet accurate title is conveniently divided into four sections: forest, field, pond, and track collecting (making casts of tracks found in the field). (ages 5 to 10)

Tracks in the Snow

by Wong Herbert Yee A little girl follows tracks outside her window after a fresh snowfall, only to realize that the tracks in the snow are her own from the day before―and that they lead her home. This diminutive and sweet picture book is as snug and inviting as a cup of hot chocolate.

(ages 4-7)

Tracks: An Animal Tracking Book for Kids

by Ann Schaefer

This is an excellent tracking guide for parents to use with younger children and for older children to use more independently. It's all in knowing what to look for, and Tracks is an interactive, fun-filled guide that will help you identify animal tracks and signs, and get a little glimpse into your local wildlife. (ages 7-14)

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