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Homemade Body Scrub

Living in a place with 4% humidity, dry, chapped skin is a reality. Our skin is our largest organ and that giving it some care is less about luxury, and more about practical health really, And, making your own scrubs is easy, cost effective, and a great way to personalize how you care for your skin. I love rose scent, and I use this as my all purpose body scrub about 1-2 times a week. Yet, if your feet are needing extra attention, you could make a peppermint oil foot scrub for one container, and a vanilla citrus one for a happy smelling morning scrub, or a lavender chamomile one as a calming bedtime staple. Like cooking, creating home care products is simpler than we often realize. It's about finding a good base and adding in what works for you. The below makes 4 8oz containers with a bit left over.

The good base:

4 cups unbleached sugar, it by no means needs to be dark, just what I used

16 ounces sweet almond oil, I really like NOW Solutions

Add ins:

15-30 drops essential oil of choice. That is quite a range; however, rose and chamomile essential oils are less potent than peppermint, so think of them as spices, some a little goes a long way and others you use more generously. Unlike cooking, you won't be tasting these. I'd make a batch using 15 drops and do a mini test, rub a tiny bit on the back of your hand and rinse off and see how it feels. You can easily add more in, rather than take it out.

Dried flowers? Dried rose petals or dried lavender look gorgeous and charming as ever mixed with the base tucked into a mason jar; however, they also leave a residue of petals all over the base of the shower that someone needs to clean up afterwards. It looks ten times more attractive from a gift giving point of view, yet doesn't actually add anything that the essential oil isn't already. So, I rather invest in really good oils, and save the flower petals for place where they shine with purpose, not just for looks.

How To:

In a large bowl add in the sugar. Pour in half the almond oil and mix about, it will look like wet sand. Add the rest, it will still look like wet sand. If you dump all the oil in at once it just makes a bit of a mess rather than doing half, letting it absorb for a moment, then adding the rest. Add in your essential oils of choice. Test, adjust as needed to suit your blend. Store in glass containers. Use 1-3 times a week.

by Brian Andrea of

*Please only use pure essential oils, and make sure that they are safe for your body. It's worth going to your local health food store, or using NOW, or doterra, rather than getting something at Costco. There is very little regulation regarding essential oils, other than consumers' own education regarding brands. Also, since its best to store essential oils in glass containers rather than plastic, I keep this in the bathroom closet, not in the shower. Wet surfaces, glass filled with slippery oil, and small children are best kept separate. This for a full body scrub, yet is too rough and oily as a facial scrub. As with any bath product please keep out of your eyes and this is not to be consumed.

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