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May's Flower Moon

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

- Oscar Wilde

May’s Flower Moon will be May 18th, 2019, and is named for the month's wildflower bounty blooming throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Depending upon where you life, there are bluebells, violets, snowdrops, wild garlic, and my favorite: lupine. It is also known as the Corn Planting Moon as this would be the time most seeds are sown.

Connected Activity:

A fun activity to do during this vibrant month is to go on a Color Discovery Hike, predicting, observing, and recording all the magical flower colors you find, for more details on color discovery hikes click here.

You can also create a flower smell sense game by placing different flowers with vibrant scents in small sealed container with a few holes poked at the top. Old school film canisters are perfect for this! However, they are hard to come by these days. A tea box, a small cardboard box would work well, or a toilet paper roll that you’ve sealed one end off with tap/paper, and the other as well only this side has some smelling holes poked in. Place the flowers inside, cover them up, and shuffle the containers about so that no one knows which flower is in which container. Then try to guess the flower purely based upon its scent! Ideal flowers for this are roses, lavender, basil blossoms, honeysuckle; however, try whatever you have. The beauty of science is not in confirming what we already suspect, yet in being surprised.

And, of course, this is a great time to press and dry the wide variety of flowers for future wreaths and artwork.

Picture Book Companions for May's Moon:

Poppy and the Blooms by Fiona Woodcock

The Flowers' Festival by Elsa Besko

Flower Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta

The Corn Grows Ripe by Dorothy Rhoads

Eddie’s Garden by Sara Garland

The Magic Garden by Lemniscates

The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker*

*for more fairy books and activities for your gorgeous spring and summer adventures ... Picture Book Companions click here, Fairy and Gnome Learning Activities click here...

Many Smiles and Much Love

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