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Snow Maze Fun by Joey Hodlmair

Joey is a dear educator mama friend who shares absolutely wonderful learning and playing ideas through her blog and IG account, yet also honest and human reflections on mothering, homeschooling, and life. I'm honored to share this super simple fun outdoor activity of her's here. To stay connected with Joey, her IG is @destinationmommy, and her blog can be found through clicking the image below or here.

Snow maze fun! We love making these, especially after new snow has covered the ground. My daughter is all about tricking people and loves creating hundreds of dead ends...Just have fun with it!

Today we will take the maze and track fun and turn it into a game. My friend Janelle (@janelleboek) mentioned that they used to play a game called Tracker! We are going to each make a path and then take turns finding the person. It will be fun to guess who left the tracks based on size and type of track. Knowing my daughter, we will have our measuring tape with us!

If you don't have snow you can do this on a dirt road with a stick or in a grassy meadow. So many ways to make a nature maze or play Tracker.

Keep it simple and remember to let your child make their own for you to enjoy.

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