"...Wild is her favorite color.”

~J. Iron Word

Imperfect Mountain Family

Living and Loving

Meet a Tree is a simple yet memorable partner activity, one you can do with just your family, on a retreat as a moment for mindfulness, or with school children as an anchor to center them, and teach them how to use their senses for observation as a tool to better know their surroundings. 

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This summer we joined a Community Garden and when we first saw our plot we it was jam packed with thistle. I knew I needed a weed killer, a strong and effective one. I also knew I wanted it to be completely safe as I garden with our toddler and puppy. We use vinegar for several other homemade solutions, so I decided to start research there, maybe there was a simple fix, turns out the required ingredients were already staples in our kitchen... click here or on image for how to


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“We cannot overlook the importance of wild country as source of inspiration, to which we give expression in writing, in poetry, drawing and painting, in mountaineering, or in just being there.”

— Olaus Murie

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