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Gardening Picture Book Companions

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

by Kate Messner

By far, one of my favorite. Gardens are beautiful to look at, but we sometimes forget that they are just as beautiful below ground where the worms and roots live. This book will have you racing for the shovel to see what lies under the surface.


And Then It's Spring

by Julie Fogliano

This is a story of a little boy eager for winter to be over and for the brown landscape to turn green again. This is a story that children will want to hear again and again. Children will also enjoy the detailed illustrations, finding something new each time they look at them.


Little Honey Bee

by Katie Haworth

Insects are an important part of a garden, especially the bees who help pollinate crops. Help your kids appreciate the role bees play in keeping our lives filled with fruits, vegetables, and flowers with this bright and joyous counting book.


Stories from Bug Garden

by Lisa Moser

When I garden, I pay the most attention to the plants, our son, all the dirt and mud! Yet, hidden in the leaves of the edible and decorative flora are bugs — the tiniest residents of my vegetable and flower beds. You won’t regret spending some time with these itty-bitty denizens of the dirt in Stories from Bug Garden.


The Curious Garden

by Peter Brown

When Liam discovers a struggling garden and decides to make it his own, he has no idea what will happen. He soon discovers that with a little care and attention, even the darkest plot of land can turn into something lush and green.


EIEIO: How Old MacDonald got his farm with a little help from a Hen

by Judy Sierra

I love new takes on classic tales. When our story starts, Old MacDonald doesn’t have a farm. All he has is a yard that he doesn’t want to mow — which is fine with Little Red Hen who has plans of her own for this suburban oasis. Read along to see how they turn a backyard into an extraordinary adventure in gardening.


Flower Garden

by Eve Bunting

It’s nice to see a book about how a family living in a city apartment creates a garden. A little girl and her father go to the grocery store and buy flowering plants. Then, they take the bus back to their city apartment. There they plant a window box as a birthday present for her mother. Eve Bunting’s charming story is told in rhyme and illustrated with lovely realistic paintings by Kathryn Hewitt.


And the Good Brown Earth

byKathy Henderson

Joe and Gram plant and cultivate a garden. Gram works methodically while Joe explores and learns, each helped by “the good brown earth.” They dig in the fall, plan in the winter, plant in the spring, weed and water in summer, and gather produce and feast in late summer. The repetition in the text adds to the book’s appeal.

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